What is the Easy Inspiration Project?

Berlin City Auto Group not only has a great appreciation for fine vehicles, but our talented, committed auto sales and service team also has an appreciation for photography and everything related to the great states of New England. For these reasons, we have created the Easy Inspiration Project in which each month, we provide one of our exceptional vehicles to a talented photographer who will travel around breathtaking New England taking photos of lovely locations with people at work and at play. The photographs will then be showcased on the home page of Berlin City Auto Group for all to enjoy.

With our featured talented artists, you will be able to experience a great deal of this amazing part of the country that you may not otherwise get to see. With bright colors and vivid clarity, photographers will bring beautiful areas of the Northeast right to your computer, and you can enjoy all the majestic views they capture without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Only Berlin City Auto Group provides vehicles to local photographers so they can get out there and see the world, capture it in photos and share it with our loyal customers.


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Why was the Easy Inspiration Project Created?

We appreciate a lot of things, but, the three below mean the most to us.

Appreciation For The Road

For us, it’s not always about getting from Point A to Point B. It’s about the over the top adventures, stories and fun in-between. We feel no destination is too far. The path less traveled might be the most interesting with countless smiles and laughter along the way. 

Appreciation For The Community

Our community is special. It’s a great group of warm, authentic and talented people – our customers, employees, friends and family. We are passionate about helping our community and the people who encompass it. At Berlin City Auto Group, we are passionate about what drives you.

Appreciation For  New England

We believe we’re lucky to do business and live in a place with over the top beauty, history and plentiful open roads. We want to give you a chance to see it, too. 

Past Featured Vehicles

Explore the other images our past featured artists created with past featured vehicles.