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Artist Names: Colin Zwirner
Located: Brewer, Maine

I am a landscape photographer and artist based out of Brewer, Maine, USA. I specialize in capturing the scenic rocky coast of Maine, but also photograph various other national parks and preserves.

Though I consider my work to be good enough to post online, I am always learning and evolving as a photographer. I choose to capture what truly interests me, not what trends best on social media. Because of this, I am always experimenting with newly learned techniques either in the field or behind the desk while post processing. Check back here often to see the evolution of my work!

Currently, I choose to shoot and edit for borderline surreal landscapes and seascapes. I do not consider myself anywhere close to a documentary style landscape photographer, so you will never see my work in Nat Geo. I am an artist who uses a camera to capture data as the starting point for editing. After capturing that data, I edit in Lightroom and Photoshop to (hopefully) portray the emotion I felt while capturing that moment. This results in a photograph, the snapshot of a small moment in time, that best portrays my feelings over a much longer moment in time.

My daytime shots typically start as 2-3 separate exposures blended into one. This allows me to capture all ranges of light. This exposure is created easily with luminosity masks. The photo is then color/contrast corrected in photoshop.

My night time captures are all composites. Camera technology simply is not advanced enough to capture the night sky with low noise and high detail. Because of this, I take my foregrounds separately from my sky exposures and blend them together. My sky exposures are all tracked shots, typically in the 3-5 minute range at varying ISOs and f-stops. My land exposures are either captured at blue hour, or at night with 10-16 high ISO exposures stacked in Photoshop.

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