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Artist Name: Eric Gendron
Business Name: Eric Gendron Photography
Located: Portsmouth, NH


Eric GendronEric Gendron is a landscape photographer from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He has spent that last few years actively pursuing the art of photography throughout most of New England, but is especially drawn to locations in his home state of N.H. As a life-long resident, this gives a unique perspective on some of the more popular landmarks, and also some of those that can only be found off the beaten path. His technique and style is ever changing, but no matter how much time is spent editing and post-processing, he always remains true to the original picture and what was envisioned through the lens.

“As I develop as an artist, my ultimate goal is to be able to capture the ordinary in an unexpected way.”

“I think that is what all photographers strive for eventually. Anybody can shoot a popular location and come away with a decent picture, but for someone to be truly moved by a piece is a real challenge! Especially today when we are surrounded by pictures non-stop on the internet and television. There are also more photographers than ever before, which makes it harder to be unique and stand out among the crowd. For the Easy Inspiration photo shoot, I knew right away that I wanted to give viewers a look at both the traditional scenic landscapes, but also some of the industrial and manufacturing history that makes N.H. what it is today. To help with my vision I chose a car that embodied that American industrial spirit, the Dodge Charger; a modern throwback to the muscle car era. I had a lot of fun driving to locations from the Seacoast all the way to the White Mountains, and was surprised at the number of complete strangers that approached just to say hi and take a minute to check out the car. Even a group of Railroad workers struck up a conversation, and told stories about the muscle cars of their generation, obviously bringing back some great memories for all of them! Overall, this was a very rewarding experience, and that I won’t soon forget.”

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