“We had a great experience working with the Easy Inspiration team & shooting these Kia’s for the weekend.”
Mark [L]oper & Roger [S]ieber

2016 Kia Optima & 2017 Kia Sportage

We had a great experience working with the Easy Inspiration team & shooting these Kia’s for the weekend. We end up in northern Vermont fairly often, both for work & pleasure, so we had a good idea of some locations to start off with. After exhausting those, we got lost on purpose & ended up stumbling upon some of our favorite locations that way. With a relatively tight 2 day shooting schedule & rain in the forecast for our second day with the cars, we thought day 2 would end up being mostly lost to the weather. Day 1 yielded some nice driving roads & familiar scenery, stopping at the increasingly well-known Prohibition Pig for lunch & stocking up on camping beers for the night. By the time we stopped seemingly every 5 minutes for photos of the cars, we got to our chosen location to camp in the Green Mountain National Forest. There was just enough time to get a fire started before it started pouring rain for the duration of the night. As it began to rain, the fire stayed lit, allowing us to grab some images of both cars around the fire. The morning of day 2 we woke to continued rain for a few hours, which again made for great photos, so no complaints. As the day went on & we drove further south, the weather cleared & all was well.

As for the cars, we’re both avid car enthusiasts. Honestly, when we heard the cars we were going to be shooting were Kia’s, we weren’t exactly super excited on it. That being said, we were both pleasantly surprised with these cars, especially the Optima SX Turbo. The interior was a nice place to be, solid build quality, the flat bottom steering wheel looked great, & the black/red interior looks fantastic in person. So no complaints about Kia from now on. It was a great weekend & we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this project!