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Artist Name: Benjamin Williamson
Business Name: Benjamin Williamson Photography
Located: Brunswick, Maine


Benjamin WilliamsonBenjamin Williamson is a self-taught photographer from Brunswick, Maine.  His work showcases our relationship to the land and the special places that bind us in our collective consciousness.  A lifelong love of history and following the weather combine in images that feature classic Maine and New England scenery in beautiful light and unusual conditions.  He is a regular contributor to Down East Magazine and has begun exhibiting and selling prints of his work in his hometown and surrounding communities.

For the Easy Inspiration shoot, I wanted to feature a common car in a beautiful Maine setting.  I’m not a man of luxury, like many Mainers, so the choice of a Honda Accord was an easy one.  I shot in several locations, first at Five Islands Lobster Company in Georgetown, Maine.  The Five Islands shoot was fun.  I brought along my friend and fellow photographer, Doug Van Kampen, and went to work capturing the car at a variety of angles with different backgrounds.  It might not look entirely natural to have a car parked at an angle in the middle of the dock, but I chose that composition for maximum dynamism and visual impact.

A few nights later, I took the car out to Bailey Island, one of my favorite spots to take in some amazing scenery.  With Mackerel Cove in the background, and some nice side-lighting from the setting sun, the resulting shots were easily accomplished. I also had the idea of shooting the car with lobster traps stacked around it.  This shot is one of my favorites, the traps are really colorful and the car looks great in this setting. A fun project and one I was very glad to contribute to!

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